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Kastanienhonig - Chestnut Honey (Glass Jar)

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Choice of Sizes - Small (250g) Jar, or Large (500g) Jar - Supplied in Protective (Postage) Shipping Box

Our Delicious Natural 'Chestnut' Honey is made by our Bees in the 'Wine Area' in Germany (Chestnuts Grow Here as it is a Hot Spot Area!).

Our Bees use the Honeydew and Blossom from the Chestnut to make this delicious Natural Honey.

All of our German Honey is Checked and Approved by 'Echter Deutscher Honig'.

As such, it always comes supplied in the official 'Echter Deutscher Honig' Branded and Embossed Glass Jars, with the Official 'Recyclable' Branded and Embossed Plastic Lids. Furthermore, our Jars ALWAYS feature the Distinctive Green and Yellow 'Echter Deutscher Honig' Labels, which clearly display our Company Details and Batch Control Numbers. This means, you can ALWAYS purchase from us in Confidence...

Our Honey is 100% Natural, we guarantee that it has never been heat treated, pasteurised or processed, not even micro-filtered, this is to ensure that our Honey, keeps it's natural goodness. It is full of pollens, enzymes, vitamins and minerals to support your natural health.

The Colour of Chestnut Honey is a Deep Brown. German Sweet Chestnut Honey is a Blossom and Honeydew Honey from the Chestnut from the area of ​​the Palatinate Forest. It remains liquid for longer because of its low glucose content. It is synonymous with its brown to reddish brown color, as well as a strong, bitter, slightly bitter aroma. Sweet Chestnut Honey is Characterised by a High Pollen content.

There are said to be several health benefits including:

Immune Boosting

Detoxification, Liver Regenerative

Bone Strength

Chestnut Honey contains has a good general disinfectant effect, detoxifying, and can help muscle relaxation. 

(Kastanien Honig - Chestnut Honey) Kastenie

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Our Honey is Supplied in an Official "Echter Deutscher Honig" Embossed Glass Jar, with an Official 'Echter Deutscher Honig' Resealable and Fully Recyclable 'Embossed' Plastic Lid.

Our Jars feature the Distinctive Official "ECHTER DEUTSCHER HONIG" Green and Yellow Labels. These Labels Include our Company Details and the 'Control Number' of our Honey.

All of our Honey is Guaranteed to be 100% Natural - With Nothing Added or Removed. All our Honey is "Made by Bees" and NOT in a Factory.

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